Black and White Ball recognizes princesses from over the years

November 29, 2014
Accompanied by Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, Mrs. Félix de Figueroa welcomed everyone to the traditional gala event which is the most important social evening of the year and undoubtedly one that is here to stay. IMG_1065For a second year in a row, the majestic Convention Center set the stage for the grand ball, which included the beauty and elegance of a number of princesses who participated in the evening in its early years and through present day. Dressed in elegant evening gowns made especially for the occasion, one by one the beautiful members of courts both past and present paraded onto the dance floor, greeting all present, before being welcomed by 2013 Black and White Queen Estela Alejandra de la Puerta Zurita. After each visiting princess from municipalities across Sonora and Arizona were presented, the moment came to announce “you are the queen,” which was awarded to 20 year-old cosmetology and administration student América Corona Ramos of Caborca. In her message, Mrs. Félix de Figueroa remarked the “Remembrance” edition of the Black & White Ball provided the opportunity to bring into the present the strength, vision, and fraternal spirit of a number of unforgettable people who have left a profound mark on this celebration, making it a tradition within the social life of Puerto Peñasco. In addition, she paid acknowledgment to Mr. José Rodríguez Ayala for having first promoted this beautiful tradition. Rodríguez held Puerto Peñasco’s first Black & White Ball in 1969. It was then taken up again by the local DIF in 1973 under the leadership of then DIF President, Laura Lorenia Soto de Palacio. Former princesses who took part in this year’s Black & White Ball included: – GLORIA MADERO (1975) – EVA MARÍA LÓPEZ (1976) – CARMEN ROBLES DE OCHOA ( 1977) – ELIZABETH BROWN (1983) – SILVIA ROSAS (1985) – AÍDA LIMÓN (1986) – LILIAN BEYLES (1987) – CLAUDIA FLORES DE PALACIO (1988) – VERA CAMACHO CUADRAS (1989) – AMPARO HERNÁNDEZ (1990) – ISELA HERNÁNDEZ DDE TERVEEN (1992) – YASSID MURRIETA REYES (2001) – MARÍA FERNANDA FIGUEROA FÉLIX (2012) – MARIELA ACOSTA CASTRO (2013) – ANDREA LUNA GUTIÉRREZ (2014)
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