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Thank you for your interest in our services. Castaways have been serving the community of Puerto Peñasco for 5 years, and we are deeply embedded within it. Our commitment is to enhance your vacation rental experience. We work diligently to generate excellent income for our owners.

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We provide comprehensive services tailored to your needs, including Vacation rentals, Property management, Fractional Management, Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Bill paying. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality service at competitive prices. Partnering with leading platforms such as Airbnb,, HomeAway, VRBO, and others ensures that your property remains prominently featured online and readily available for guests to book from anywhere.




At Castaways Rocky Point, our commitment to service excellence and quality vacation accommodations is unwavering. We meticulously assess each new property for its rental potential and ensure it aligns with our high standards. Our team guides property owners in addressing any shortcomings, aiming to optimize the property's appeal to renters. We firmly believe that a satisfied renter is more likely to become a repeat customer.



At Castaways Rocky Point, our cost-effective management approach, tailored to staff and occupancy levels, allows us to allocate more resources towards strategic marketing and meticulous property management. We prioritize attracting high-quality rental guests and enforce strict occupancy restrictions to ensure that wear and tear remains within manageable limits while maximizing potential revenue. Our commitment is unwavering: we strive to enhance your investment's success by ensuring guests have a memorable and comfortable vacation experience, encouraging repeat visits. Partnering with leading platforms such as Airbnb,, HomeAway, and VRBO, we guarantee your property maintains a strong online presence and remains accessible to guests worldwide.




We capture high-quality photographs of your condo, which are then compiled into a portfolio accessible to potential renters across the internet and various marketing platforms.

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In our conversations with numerous homeowners, a recurring sentiment emerged: a longing for the warm, family-oriented service that Rocky Point once embodied. As some companies expand, they can inadvertently overlook the very individuals who contributed to their growth. At Castaways Rocky Point, we remain firmly anchored in our commitment to our customers' needs. Here, you'll always encounter a welcoming team member ready and eager to help.




Our cutting-edge management system provides you with a comprehensive overview of all rentals and activities related to your property. With your personal login, you can conveniently make bookings online and avail of special discounted rates for your family and friends. This system ensures you have continuous access, allowing you to monitor financials, track bookings, and review any notes associated with the property.



Utilizing various online platforms, we effectively engage with potential clients. Our websites consistently rank at the top in Google and other search engines for vacation rentals in Rocky Point. Our marketing strategies are globally oriented, reaching out through emails, direct contacts, flyers, online promotions, travel agents, printed media, and referrals. Additionally, our realtor program incentivizes real estate agents in Rocky Point for both business referrals and rentals. Our newsletters attract thousands of past clients, and our social media presence connects with over 15,000 individuals weekly.




We ensure competitive rates for our clients by cutting out unnecessary expenses and charges. This approach not only offers better income prospects but also fosters greater satisfaction among our clients. By refraining from levying additional fees, we effectively boost your bottom line as our valued client.

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