Castaways Puerto Peñasco - Rocky Point Restaurants


Discover the authentic flavors of Puerto Peñasco while staying with us at Castaways! We invite you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable culinary experience by exploring the incredible variety of restaurants that this charming city has to offer.


Puerto Peñasco is renowned for its gastronomic diversity, from exquisite fresh seafood to traditional Mexican delights and international options that cater to every palate. By choosing Castaways as your accommodation, you'll not only enjoy comfort and hospitality but also position yourself strategically to explore the culinary treasures that this jewel of the Sea of Cortez has in store for you.


Indulge in local flavors at picturesque seaside restaurants, where the salty breeze enhances every bite. Or dive into the lively scene of the main street, where you'll find cozy corners with authentic Mexican cuisine and international surprises that will delight your taste buds.


From sunrise breakfasts with a view to starlit dinners, Puerto Peñasco has something for every taste and budget. Upon returning to your cozy retreat at Castaways, you can relax and share your culinary experiences with friends and family in a warm and comfortable setting.


What are you waiting for? Book your stay at Castaways and get ready to savor the best of Puerto Peñasco. We guarantee that every bite will be a delicious memory of your vacation! We look forward to welcoming you and being part of your unforgettable culinary experience!

Al Capone's

Rocky Point Restaurants - Al Capone's, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

Avocato Burrito Republic

Rocky Point Restaurants - Avocato Burrito Republic, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

Chef Mickey's Place

Rocky Point Restaurants - Chef Mickey's Place, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

Colins Cantina

Rocky Point Restaurants - Colins Cantina, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

Diego's Tiki Bar

Rocky Point Restaurants - Diego's Tiki Bar, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

FreshCo Salads

Rocky Point Restaurants - FreshCo Salads, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

Grapes & Barley

Rocky Point Restaurants - Grapes and Barley, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

Ichiraku Ramen

Rocky Point Restaurants - Ichiraku Ramen, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

La Arena 3c

Rocky Point Restaurants - La Arena 3c, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

La Curva

Rocky Point Restaurants - La Curva, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

Mare Blu Ristorante

Rocky Point Restaurants - Mare Blu Ristorante

Margarita Mermaids

Rocky Point Restaurants - Margarita Mermaids, Castaways Puerto Peñasco


Rocky Point Restaurants - Oktopus, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

Sazón Poblano

Rocky Point Restaurants - Sazón Poblano, Castaways Puerto Peñasco

The Blue Marlin

Rocky Point Restaurants - The Blue Marlin, Castaways Puerto Peñasco