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Rocky Point Bridge

May 22, 2015
As part of the modernization of the city and working on the bridge to unevenness in the bypass of the federal road number 8 Sonoyta-Puerto Peñasco. With federal funds totaling 65 million pesos, Mayor Gerardo Figueroa management Zazueta, the company behind the project, we are currently working on strokes and leveling for the diversion of traffic. The director of Public Works of the City, engineer Jose Luis Villalobos reported that this bridge will ultimately solve the problem of traffic congestion which is recorded in said bypass, which has caused traffic accidents with casualties than sorry. “This work will help to motorists passing through this deliverance, as the bridge will provide greater security to avoid traffic chaos and consequently reduce the rate of accidents,” the engineer Villalobos.
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WestWind to offer weekend flights between Scottsdale – Rocky Point

April 13, 2015
A new flight to Rocky Point will take off beginning May 1st from Scottsdale, AZ with the goal of cutting down on time and distance to this seaside community. Beginning May 1, 2015, the round-trip service operated by WestWind Air will depart Scottsdale at 2 p.m. with an estimated travel time of 1 hour 15 minutes, with return departing from Puerto Peñasco on Sundays at 4 p.m. The service is aimed particularly at executives, emergency services, as well as vacationers to Puerto Peñasco looking to cut out about 3 hours of travel time by flying rather than driving. Tania Felix, promotion coordinator at the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), states the plane will have capacity for up to 9 people and sights are set on eventually having a plane with capacity for up to 19. The round-trip cost is starting at $350 US. The possibility of increasing passenger capacity, as well as lowering costs, will depend on the response of travelers. For further information: WestWind Air Service Reservations and customer service: 888-869-0866 Flights to Rocky Point, Mexico – WestWind Air Service WestWind also offers tour packages around various spots in Arizona including the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Lake Powell, and the Phoenix/Scottsdale area Additional flight possibilities to the Mar de Cortés International Airport in Puerto Peñasco may soon include round-trip travel from/to Cd. Juárez beginning in July, as well as executive trips to Hermosillo in the coming months via Servicios Aéreos MIRA, based out of Aguascalientes, Mexico
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Packed expectations for Semana Santa 2015!

April 7, 2015
Though Vázquez del Mercado acknowledged it is hard to measure the true number of visitors during this time of the year, given that thousands of people stay with family or friends, or set up tents, he anticipates more than 100,000 people vacationing in the area. This positions Puerto Peñasco as the most visited beach destination in the northwestern part of the country. In this sense, promotion remains strong in drawing visitors for Easter Week – the week following Semana Santa – which is also seeing an annual increase. The majority of visitors at this time of the year are from Sonora, Baja California, and Chihuahua. Vázquez del Mercado indicated safety operatives coordinated among the three levels of government are already in place, and will be carried out within the urban center, on area beaches, and along highways. He detailed roads into Puerto Peñasco, such as the Sonoyta – Peñasco highway as well as the Coastal Highway leading to the Gulf of Santa Clara are in good condition. The Caborca – Peñasco highway is in acceptable condition, though caution is recommended for travel along that road in it being a two-lane highway with no shoulders.
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One of the best Spring Breaks in recent years!

March 25, 2015
City beaches, streets, hotels, and restaurants were notably packed over the popular U.S. Spring vacations, particularly over the three weekends encompassing the break. Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, President of the Rocky Point Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), indicated according to the influx of visitors registered, there was an estimated economic boost of 60 million pesos to the area; 40% of this is collected by the hotel sector, with 30% put into services and another 30% for gas and food. He stated this Spring Break period was one of the best for Rocky Point in the past five years, highlighting the greater number of older adults and families alongside university students who each year visit the city’s beaches. Fortunately, expressed Vázquez del Mercado, there was an overall environment of safety and while there were minor accidents none of these were fatal. With these tendencies, the OCV President is confident numbers of U.S. and Canadian visitors are on the rise and could continue to improve.
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Kings Day Toy Run Fiesta Weekend

January 8, 2015
We all know the roar of motorcycles has become a November tradition in town, but organizers of the yearly Rocky Point Rally – now entering its 15th year – are hoping bikes will also help get the year started at the 1st Kings Day Toy Run set for this weekend! With a number of local artisans already lined up, boot-stomping music, and tasty bites to be served up by culinary students at the Technological University of Puerto Peñasco (UTPP), not to mention rising temperatures and sunny skies, this should prove to be fun for all! Come on out! Jan. 9th – 6 p.m. at Banditos – Rising country star Matt Farris and good rally amigo will be back to help get things started early, and the Toy Run spirit flowing! Jan. 10th – Kings Day Toy Run Fiesta 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Plaza del Camarón Food! Music! Artists! All are invited to bring a toy (no toy weapons please, and unwrapped is ok) to Shrimp Park to help add to those collected at the Bike Parade in November. Many local artists will be there including: spray paint creations of Victor Alemán, photography of Tony Ballesteros, visual arts by Socorro González, jewelry of Judy Ridgway, CEDO t-shirts and gifts, ironwork of Ricardo Monjarez, recycled art by Alma Yanez, and much more! Around 1:30 p.m. gifts will be loaded up on bikes – plus in whatever other vehicles people may have – to form a short parade from Plaza del Camarón to *the Puerto Peñasco EXPO Convention Center where the local DIF will be holding their grand Kings Day gift-giving event for kids from across the community! Folks are encouraged to dress up as Kings (yes, we’re talking the Kings from the nativity scene), Santa Claus, or even angels for the Toy Run! Jan. 10th – 6 p.m. at Dukes. Wrap up the Fiesta Weekend once again to the country strumming of Matt Farris – plus, Duke’s has parking inside for bikes if you’d like!
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Black and White Ball recognizes princesses from over the years

November 29, 2014
Accompanied by Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, Mrs. Félix de Figueroa welcomed everyone to the traditional gala event which is the most important social evening of the year and undoubtedly one that is here to stay. IMG_1065For a second year in a row, the majestic Convention Center set the stage for the grand ball, which included the beauty and elegance of a number of princesses who participated in the evening in its early years and through present day. Dressed in elegant evening gowns made especially for the occasion, one by one the beautiful members of courts both past and present paraded onto the dance floor, greeting all present, before being welcomed by 2013 Black and White Queen Estela Alejandra de la Puerta Zurita. After each visiting princess from municipalities across Sonora and Arizona were presented, the moment came to announce “you are the queen,” which was awarded to 20 year-old cosmetology and administration student América Corona Ramos of Caborca. In her message, Mrs. Félix de Figueroa remarked the “Remembrance” edition of the Black & White Ball provided the opportunity to bring into the present the strength, vision, and fraternal spirit of a number of unforgettable people who have left a profound mark on this celebration, making it a tradition within the social life of Puerto Peñasco. In addition, she paid acknowledgment to Mr. José Rodríguez Ayala for having first promoted this beautiful tradition. Rodríguez held Puerto Peñasco’s first Black & White Ball in 1969. It was then taken up again by the local DIF in 1973 under the leadership of then DIF President, Laura Lorenia Soto de Palacio. Former princesses who took part in this year’s Black & White Ball included: – GLORIA MADERO (1975) – EVA MARÍA LÓPEZ (1976) – CARMEN ROBLES DE OCHOA ( 1977) – ELIZABETH BROWN (1983) – SILVIA ROSAS (1985) – AÍDA LIMÓN (1986) – LILIAN BEYLES (1987) – CLAUDIA FLORES DE PALACIO (1988) – VERA CAMACHO CUADRAS (1989) – AMPARO HERNÁNDEZ (1990) – ISELA HERNÁNDEZ DDE TERVEEN (1992) – YASSID MURRIETA REYES (2001) – MARÍA FERNANDA FIGUEROA FÉLIX (2012) – MARIELA ACOSTA CASTRO (2013) – ANDREA LUNA GUTIÉRREZ (2014)
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September 20, 2014
CHEVEFEST This is the 1st Craft Beer Festival in the city of Rocky Point and will be held on Saturday 11 October at the Laos Mar Hotel Terrace and grounds. There will be Different Beer Makers from Mexicali, Ensenada, Guadalupe Valley among others, will also be a lot selection of food such as tapas for sale at the venue. Music will be provide by “The Jijos Del Maiz” and other local groups. This promises to be a fun filled event and will become a yearly event.
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Wounded Sea Lion in Cholla Bay rescued and treated

August 4, 2014
A wounded sea lion spotted in the rocky area of Cholla Bay was rescued, treated, and returned to sea on Thursday morning, July 31st. The appearance of a sea lion that seemed to have fishing net wrapped around its neck caught the attention of a number of people recently who began reporting the sighting on social networks, trying to alert appropriate offices to help the animal. The sea lion itself had been spotted climbing out on the rocks various times daily over a period of nearly a week. The young sea lion weighed about 45 kilograms, and rescuers had to administer local anesthesia in order to give the animal analgesics, antibiotics, and an anti-inflammatory. People living in La Cholla gave fish in order to feed the sea lion. Finally, rescuers took the sea lion, who they nicknamed “Pedrito” (given the affection they had for him), toward the sea and before they could let him go he took off on his own into the water, no longer having nets on his body.
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1st Wine & Beer festival in Rocky Point!

June 24, 2014
We can taste the amazing flavor from the rich vineyards of Baja California and to the shores of Rocky Point. Enjoy under romantically rustic gazebos, offering wine, beer, and cheese tastings as the evening begins. The raised funds is for the equipping the City’s first Dialysis Center. Tickets for Rocky Point 1st Wine and Beer Festival run $23 US per person and are available at the DIF offices and at El Tapeo Wine Bar. For reservations and additional information: 638 380 5017 or 638 112 3189.
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