Lukeville Arizona border closure

Lukeville, Arizona border closure prompts alternative routes to Rocky Point, Mexico

What can I do if I book my vacation for December 2023 in Rocky Point but the Lukeville border is closed?

Lukeville, Arizona - 12/04/2023

The border closure in Lukeville, Arizona has had a significant impact on travel to Rocky Point. This measure has led travelers to explore alternative routes to reach this paradisiacal coastal destination in Mexico.

Given this situation, Castaways Rocky Point recommends travelers to take one of the three alternative routes that facilitate access to Rocky Point.  Among these routes are: the route from San Luis Rio Colorado directly to Rocky Point, the option from San Luis Rio Colorado - Sonoyta to Rocky Point, and the route from Nogales to Rocky Point. 

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"With the border closure at Lukeville, it is crucial to inform travelers of the alternatives available to reach Rocky Point," noted a Castaways representative. "These alternative routes offer convenient options to enjoy the beaches and natural beauty this destination has to offer."


We at the Castaways team are committed to keeping travelers informed of changes and providing advice to enjoy a seamless travel experience to Rocky Point, despite the temporary border closure in Lukeville, Arizona.

For those looking to explore this coastal gem, these alternative routes present themselves as viable solutions to enjoy an unforgettable Rocky Point vacation.


For more details on these routes and updates regarding travel to Rocky Point, travelers can contact us directly either through one of our social media channels or by calling our representatives directly to receive personalized assistance and real-time updates.


This temporary closure at the Lukeville border will hopefully encourage travelers to explore different options and continue to enjoy the wonders of Rocky Point without significant interruptions to their travel plans.