The Lukeville Border Is Open?

Clearing the Confusion: The Lukeville Border Is Open, Even If Internet Says Otherwise

From the temporary closure in December to its recent reopening in January, the situation at the Lukeville border has been a source of concern and uncertainty for many travelers and residents alike.

During that period, travel restrictions and unknowns about the exact reopening date kept people on hold, with questions about whether or not they would be able to cross to enjoy the wonders of Rocky Point and the surrounding area.


However, despite the official reopening in January, some people may be in for a surprise when searching for information online. Google, in its mapping and search service, may show the Lukeville border as "temporarily closed." What does this mean - is it really closed, or is it just a reporting error?


The answer is a bit of both. True, there was a temporary closure in December, but since then the border has reopened for non-commercial traffic. So why does Google still display the "temporarily closed" label? The reason is quite simple: Google hasn't updated its information to reflect the change in status. But here's the good news: you can help correct it too!


If you come across the "temporarily closed" label when searching for information about the Lukeville border on Google, you can suggest a correction. Simply click on "Suggest a change" at the bottom of the information card on Google Maps and select the "It's open" option. With a simple gesture, you can help provide accurate and useful information for those planning a trip to Rocky Point.

The lukeville border i´ts open?

Step 1. Search for ''Lukeville border, Arizona'' on google

The lukeville border i´ts open?

Step 2. Below where it says ''temporarily closed'' there is a button that says ''make a suggestion''.

The lukeville border i´ts open?

Step 3. Select the ''reopened'' option and you are done!

In short, yes, the Lukeville border is open, and you can cross it to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Rocky Point and vacation experiences the region has to offer. And if you find incorrect information online, remember that you have the power to help correct it - we look forward to welcoming you soon to Castaways and the wonders of Rocky Point!

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