Things to do in Rocky Point




This sport can be played professionally and recreationally in Puerto Peñasco, as it has excellent courses, some of them of Nicklaus design. Different tournaments are held throughout the year offering attractive prizes for those who dare to participate.


ATVs & Rhinos


The so-called ATV's (All-Terrain Vehicle) and the famous Rhinos (light vehicles with anti-tip structure) are very popular for touring the sandy beach and desert.




Unlike conventional skydiving, it consists of attaching the parachute to a boat that pushes it from the water. In this way you can enjoy the sensation of floating in the air while observing the sea.


San Jorge Island


The territories of San Jorge Island are considered a reserve zone, since many species of animals such as migratory birds and aquatic fauna gather or pass through it. San Jorge




Kayaking is often considered a great vacation activity for the whole family, regardless of age. This sport offers the opportunity to sightsee and interact with ocean wildlife.


Zip line


If heights and adrenaline are your thing, Puerto Peñasco offers a zipline tour, one of the longest in Sonora, which rises 2000 feet above the dunes with a spectacular view of the sea. The zip line, located on the road to Bahia Cholla, consists of five lines with short breaks between each one. The adventure begins from the moment you board the ATV that will take you over a huge dune to the launching platform. The adventure offers a viewpoint from 150 feet high to admire how the desert meets the sea as you glide.


Pinacate Tours


The El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve is a World Heritage Site located between the municipalities of Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as hiking, camping and a visit to the "Schuk Toak" Museum, among others.




Whenever we hear about the best parts of Puerto Peñasco, some description of the panoramic views and natural beauty is usually included. The coastline and ocean provide a picturesque view that cannot be duplicated. In our opinion, the best way to contemplate the beauty of Puerto Peñasco is through the thrill ride offered by the ultralight flights, a plane ride where you can reach up to 120 meters high!


Sunset Cruise


At the end of a busy day, relax with a margarita and enjoy the sunset over the Sea of Cortez.
Bring your camera and join us for a sunset cruise that won't disappoint. Although there are many destinations with breathtaking views - Puerto Penasco's sunsets will take your breath away. Puerto Penasco's hospitality and beautiful views.


Pirate Ship Cruise


Join us on our famous sunset cruise on the Rey Del Mar Pirate Ship. Watch the city lights come alive as the sun sets. Dance and listen to the awesome music, and enjoy an adult beverage as the party revs up and the night gets underway. There's nothing like the night view of the city from the Sea of Cortez.


Horseback Riding


Enjoy a professional guided tour of Puerto Peñasco in the Sea of Cortez on horseback.

Experienced or beginner this activity will not disappoint. All horses are well cared for, trained, saddled and ready to take you on a unique experience. Come and love our horses and enjoy a guided horseback riding tour.


Paddle Boarding


Paddle boarding in the ocean at your own speed offers a relaxing landscape, in an almost meditative way. It's just you, the water and your thoughts. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, paddle boarding offers a unique way to experience wildlife in the ocean. Beginners may feel self-conscious at first, but it won't take long to master paddle boarding.


Sunset Cruise


For many years now, winter whale watching has become an incredible form of entertainment for visitors here in Puerto Peñasco. Whales are one of the most amazing and majestic mammals on earth. We have a variety of boats that offer you a magical experience. Our trips last 3 hours and include soft drinks, water and beer. So get your tickets and cameras ready to witness the fin and humpback whales.