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Things To Do In Rocky Point


Looking for some fun things to do while in ROCKY POINT?


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There are 2 championship 18 hole courses in Rocky Point with 2 more on the way. Las Palomas Golf Course is in town and next to Sandy Beach. This is a wonderful and challenging course but not so challenging that it isn’t fun. Mayan Palace about 20 minutes South of Rocky Point has a Jack Nicklaus Championship course that’s a little more challenging but every bit as fun to play.


At Sea?

The fishing community in Rocky Point is in full tilt year round. Filled with some of the most delectable seafood on the Western coast the pier and downtown coastal shops will not disappoint while many restaurants continue to dazzle tourists with their fresh seafood dishes. We can offer you some of these wonderful restaurants with confidence. Along with the eating I’m sure you’ll be itching to get out with the family for some activities. The Cet Mar Aquarium (The Center for Technological Sea Studies and Aqua Culture) offers up a wonderful time for the kids and parents alike with plenty of aquatic animals for the family to see. The Cet-Mar Aquarium is at the entry to Las Conchas right past the school. Exhibits include: sea lions, sea turtles and other aquatic animals. It’s only $2.00 for adults and a dollar for the children. Opens 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Mon-Fri, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sat-Sun. Along with this is the wonderful Bird Island in Rocky Point’s bristling waters. Enjoy a large population of aquatic animals and seagulls gliding across the waters.

On Land?

There is so much to do in and around Rocky Point that you’ll never think of having a dull moment! You can go out on some ATV’s or go golfing with your significant other. There is the Pinacate Reserve which has a brand new visitor center for camper registration and bathroom facilities. The link will bring you to a page full of information on the Pinacate Reserve and what it brings to the Mexican state of Sonora. With gorgeous craters and sheered colored rock it makes a fantastic destination for a family picnic!


ATV simply refers to All Terrain Vehicle, a small four-wheeled vehicle that is used on sand hills and dunes as well as on off-road jungles, small streams and much more. Here in Rocky Point it seems like the way of life for many US tourists. Often you’ll see packs of ATV’s traveling around the city of Puerto Penasco and most likely they’ll be of the tourist nature. You can find several ATV huts and locations throughout Rocky Point but you’re not always going to be able to cut the best deals. If you want some more information on ATV’s when you’re in town and are looking for specific directions then we have a couple choice groups we like to use and we’ll let you know how much prices run.


There is plenty of information on Golfing all throughout Rocky Point. It’s what people enjoy doing early in the morning on a hot summer day in Rocky Point, Mexico. Your first choice could be the exclusive The Links at Las Palomas, an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus signature course in the heart of the resort line-up on Sandy Beach. Another good choice might be The Mayan Palace Golf course at the Mayan Palace. The prices can be steep for non-hotel players, but the best thing about the course is the view of the ocean from several of the courses’ holes. The Mayan Palace is a bit secluded from the rest of Rocky Point and is a 20-30 minute drive depending on your location in the city. If you’re looking for golf to enjoy with the kids, Casa Blanca Golf Villas offer a mini-golf course right in the center of the resort. It’s a wonderful little outing for the family and will fill an afternoon with an extra walk to the beach only two minutes away.

The thing about Rocky Point is that it exudes a certain charm feigned perhaps from its innocent nature as a vehicle for US tourists. It doesn’t seem used in the typical sense we think of when we think of tourist destinations. It has a vibrant dual Mexico/US culture that is enhanced by the people themselves, we recommend a walk through some of the various shopping districts in Rocky Point as an experience through the people of Puerto Penasco!


Shopping is an important pastime for US travelers. We seem to hold on to the treasures we discover in exotic places as memorable keepsakes that help enhance our trip and our memory of it. In Rocky Point, a lot of what you find throughout Mexico is prevalent in Rocky Point. However, being so closely related with the US population you often find memorabilia in Rocky Point that has certain Arizona/California influences. You can spend a couple of days shopping in Rocky Point without finding anything you like, then in the last store you explore for the day you find a hidden gem. Some days it’s the complete opposite, where you don’t have the money but you find everything you’re looking for! Right now in Puerto Penasco, business has taken a hit do to the recession and economy in the US and Mexico.

Some of the best spots to look for stores is right down near Old Port on your way past the Marina. The shops line up for a good 4 blocks before you’re released to a plaza with some wonderful views of the Sea of Cortez. There are plenty of restaurants for you and the family to enjoy and you can find just about any type of snack or food type possible. Another place that seems just a bit more out of touch and baron but still has some wonderful little shops, is Rocky Point’s own take on Sak’s 5th Ave. aptly named 5th ave. You’ll hardly ever find a tourist accompanying you in the same store but the people seem overexcited and welcoming to your presence and are willing to go low on items…if you know how to bargain! If you need any more help finding these two places, one of our receptionists at the Castaways’ desk would love to help you with directions with perhaps a couple other places in mind if you get specific.