Packed expectations for Semana Santa 2015!

April 7, 2015
Though Vázquez del Mercado acknowledged it is hard to measure the true number of visitors during this time of the year, given that thousands of people stay with family or friends, or set up tents, he anticipates more than 100,000 people vacationing in the area. This positions Puerto Peñasco as the most visited beach destination in the northwestern part of the country. In this sense, promotion remains strong in drawing visitors for Easter Week – the week following Semana Santa – which is also seeing an annual increase. The majority of visitors at this time of the year are from Sonora, Baja California, and Chihuahua. Vázquez del Mercado indicated safety operatives coordinated among the three levels of government are already in place, and will be carried out within the urban center, on area beaches, and along highways. He detailed roads into Puerto Peñasco, such as the Sonoyta – Peñasco highway as well as the Coastal Highway leading to the Gulf of Santa Clara are in good condition. The Caborca – Peñasco highway is in acceptable condition, though caution is recommended for travel along that road in it being a two-lane highway with no shoulders.
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