Wounded Sea Lion in Cholla Bay rescued and treated

August 4, 2014
A wounded sea lion spotted in the rocky area of Cholla Bay was rescued, treated, and returned to sea on Thursday morning, July 31st. The appearance of a sea lion that seemed to have fishing net wrapped around its neck caught the attention of a number of people recently who began reporting the sighting on social networks, trying to alert appropriate offices to help the animal. The sea lion itself had been spotted climbing out on the rocks various times daily over a period of nearly a week. The young sea lion weighed about 45 kilograms, and rescuers had to administer local anesthesia in order to give the animal analgesics, antibiotics, and an anti-inflammatory. People living in La Cholla gave fish in order to feed the sea lion. Finally, rescuers took the sea lion, who they nicknamed “Pedrito” (given the affection they had for him), toward the sea and before they could let him go he took off on his own into the water, no longer having nets on his body.
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1st Wine & Beer festival in Rocky Point!

June 24, 2014
We can taste the amazing flavor from the rich vineyards of Baja California and to the shores of Rocky Point. Enjoy under romantically rustic gazebos, offering wine, beer, and cheese tastings as the evening begins. The raised funds is for the equipping the City’s first Dialysis Center. Tickets for Rocky Point 1st Wine and Beer Festival run $23 US per person and are available at the DIF offices and at El Tapeo Wine Bar. For reservations and additional information: 638 380 5017 or 638 112 3189.
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